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Optimise your health.

It is our mission to help our clients optimise their health in any way possible. When it comes to health we believe the best way to do this is with education and honesty. Below is our best efforts to bring you helpful, insightful and inspiring health and sauna information.

We're passionate about the fundamentals of health, of which infrared sauna is one, and if we help you improve your health just 1%, whether it through a sauna or some insight on sleep or something as simple as drinking more water, we are happy.

Enjoy our videos below.

Light and it's effect on the body | iHealth Saunas

A quick overview of the impact light can have on our body.
Alex Tyson



Recovery Massage Centre & Custom Infrared Sauna | iHealth Saunas

In this video I tour through a really cool recovery business we worked with to create a one of a kind infrared sauna and recovery experience.

Learn more about RMC www.recoveryandmassagecentre.com.au

Alex Tyson

How To Use Your iHealth Sauna | iHealth Saunas

I thought i'de test out a recent GoPro purchase by creating a quick 'how to' video on each part of your iHealth sauna.

Health and wellness is my specialty, not making videos!

You can find the hydration masterclass I mention further down this page.

Alex Tyson



Masterclass #7 Live Q & A | iHealth Sauna Masterclass

In this Q & A Alex Tyson answers questions sent in by iHealth Sauna owners




Peter Lintzeris | iHealth Sauna Masterclass

In this episode of iHealth Saunas masterclass: iHealth business owner Alex Tyson interviews Peter Lintzeris. Peter Lintzeris has owned his own health food store for over 30 years and runs Alps Water Filters Australia.

You can learn more here.




Bruce Jones | iHealth Sauna Masterclass

In this episode, Bruce Jones and Alex Tyson cover:

- Mindset
- Setting up your morning routine for wellness
- Tackling poor sleep
- Intermittent fasting
- Much more





#3 Hydration | iHealth Sauna Masterclass

In this class we discuss:
Hydration myths
What dehydrates us
How do we stay hydrated and introduce hydration into our day and body
Water filters



iHealth Saunas EMF

In this video:

- What EMF is
- What EMR is
- EMF related to daily household items
- EMF in our iHealth Sauna
- Health implications associated with EMF

I hope you find this video helpful. for more information on EMF or our saunas go here: blog.ihealthsaunas.com.au/low-emf-ihealth-infrared-sauna

Inflammation | iHealth Sauna Masterclass

Installing An Infrared Sauna In your Home: Everything You need To Know | iHealth Saunas

Watch to find out:
Where do other people put their sauna?
What surface can they go on?
Can they go outside? Can they go against a wall?
What is the power requirement?



Infrared Sauna Helps You Stretch Further | iHealth Saunas

In this video I run a quick 'experiment' to show just how powerful the circulation benefits of an infrared sauna are. I stretch 1 inch further after 30 minutes in an iHealth Far Infrared Sauna.

Sauna is such a great way to receive a cardiovascular workout without moving the body. Great for those injured or unable to move.




Sauna To 1 Million

Competition Closed but we're still giving.
We have set a huge goal: To give 1,000,000 days access to pure, live saving water to those in need by 2020. We are doing this through our global giving partner B1G1.

To find out more visit https://www.b1g1.com/impact or go to info.ihealthsaunas.com.au/saunato1million






iHealth Saunas Warranty and the dark side of the Aussie sauna industry

In this video I cover the warranty you receive with your iHealth Sauna purchase and I go into one of the darker areas of the infrared sauna industry.

Learn more about our warranty here


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